• Student Body President Message

    Jessica Serrano

    Welcome back Apaches! I hope you all had a fun, safe, well-deserved break, and are eager to begin another journey at Nogales High School. This year will undoubtedly open up new doors and introduce you to new people and experiences. As we say hello to another year as Apaches, I hope you all remember to stay focused and positive.


    Take this new school year as a chance to find new opportunities, create new paths, and try new things. I highly encourage you all to take part in the clubs and extracurricular activities offered here at NHS. Being a well-rounded student is important, as colleges and universities take notice. Nevertheless, be mindful of what you can handle; never put too much on your plate. Regardless, the variety of activities accessible is endless. I am sure each and every one of you will find something that you enjoy and will meet new people along the way. Remember that it is never too late to be a part of something!


    To our incoming freshmen, I wish you nothing but success and prosperity in these next four years of your life. It will be a rollercoaster, but I hope you enjoy the ride nonetheless. Be open to meeting new people, experiencing new things, and paving the way to your future. I am sure you will find a place as Apaches at Nogales High School.


    Sophomores and Juniors, keep pushing through with full commitment and dedication. Set your mind to making this year better than the previous one. Join more clubs, work harder, and push that extra mile.


    To the Class of 2018 Seniors, we have made it one step closer. As always, keep pushing and striving towards ending your last year on a positive note. Be conscious of time because it will fly by! Always keep your memories at NHS close, and appreciate the people you've met and the friends you've lost because it is our last year together.


    Our high school years will be the foundation that shapes our future. Keep in mind that it is important to be involved, while never forgetting to stay focused. Always remember that if you get stuck, there is another way. Regardless, your counselors will be a vital source of guidance during your time at Nogales High School.


    Lastly, I want to wish you all luck as you embark on a new, exciting journey. Set attainable goals, a positive mindset, and I assure you will have great results. I look forward to another wonderful year, and I hope you will make the most of your time at NHS.


    Have a great school year Apaches!