For Students

  • How to Get Good Grades in Ten Easy Steps

    Step 1:             Believe in yourself

    Step 2:             Be organized

    Step 3:             Manage your time well

    Step 4:             Be successful in the classroom

    Step 5:             Take good notes

    Step 6:             Know how to read a textbook

    Step 7:             Study smart

    Step 8:             Use test-taking strategies

    Step 9:             Reduce test anxiety

    Step 10:           Get help when you need it

    How to Get the Most out of Middle School

    Step 1:             Learn about your school

    Step 2:             Be in school every day

    Step 3:             Know how to get good grades

    Step 4:             Set goals

    Step 5:             Get involved

    Step 6:             Make good choices and decisions

    Step 7:             Deal with stress, anger, and bullies

    Step 8:             Get along with your parents

    Step 9:             Understand the social scene

    Step 10:           Plan and prepare your future