• To the Parent / Guardian:

    All schools in Nogales Unified School District #1 are Title One schools, which mean they receive additional funding from the federal government to improve reading and math skills, provide extended learning opportunities (e.g., tutoring), and engage parents / community in working with the schools. To this end, parents are encouraged to be involved at DSMS by: (a) assisting in the classroom; (b) developing the school improvement plan; (c) helping on field trips; (d) being involved in clubs and activities; and (e) applying parenting skills that help your child with homework and time management skills. Strategies and programs DSMS adopts to meet its Title One goals are outlined at all parent meetings. They are also highlighted in letters to parents.

    Throughout the school year you will receive several letters from the administration regarding curriculum, testing, tutoring opportunities, and campus activities. To be informed, please read these letters carefully and share the contents with your son / daughter. Calendars designating campus events will be mailed home each month. Sports calendars are provided by the coaches.

    Please contact administration if you have any questions regarding the planner’s contents or any future correspondences. We look forward to seeing you at open house, parent-teacher conferences (October and February), sporting events, parent meetings, and other school-sponsored activities.


    Mr. Christopher Miranda                                  Ms. Christina Dang
    Principal                                                           Assistant Principal