Parent Resource Center

  • R.M. Bracker Elementary

    Parent Involvement Plan



    1. During registration, each parent signs the Parent-Teacher Compact (that is mailed home to them in the September mailing) and receives a copy of the Parent, Family and Community Involvement Policy.
    2. All students and parents receive a copy of the Behavior Management Handbook, which outlines the student discipline matrix.  These policies are reviewed at the parent meetings at the start of the school year.
    3. Prior to school starting, we have “Meet Your Teacher” in which all parents and students are encouraged to come and meet their child’s new teacher, see the classroom and ask any questions they may have.
    4. At the start of the school year, we have an “Open House”; the administration and teachers extend an invitation to meet with all parents.  It is at this time that the Title 1 Program is thoroughly explained, including components such as the School Improvement Plan, Needs Assessment and evaluation.  Additionally, there is a review of the Behavior Management Handbook and other behavioral expectations.  Opportunities for tutoring, extra student help, parent involvement, and similar topics are covered.  This is the Title 1 annual meeting.  Sign-In sheets are provided in the Title 1 Binder.
    5. We have “Parent Power Breakfasts” for each grade level once per semester. These meetings are conducted in the mornings to provide an opportunity for the parent to sit with their child and get some tips on how to help them succeed in a variety of academic areas.
    6. We have “Family” science nights, math nights and technology nights, in which all parents are encouraged to come with their children to have fun learning in several different ways in a hands-on experiment-based type program.
    7. We have several evening activities in which families are invited not only to attend but to volunteer to be involved. These include:  Annual Splash-in and Splash-out, the Fashion Show, Dances, Holiday Light Parade Float Building, Christmas Programs, Spring Extravaganza, Spring Play, Junior Olympics, Kinder Graduation and 5th Grade Transition.
    8. All meetings are conducted in English and Spanish to provide equal access to all parents.
    9. There are two parent-teacher conferences held each year.  The first is after the first nine weeks and the second is at progress report time in the third quarter.  The conference is held then to allow parents time to work with their children to improve performance, if needed, before the end of the third quarter.
    10. R.M. Bracker maintains a telephone messenger system which calls home if a student is absent or to remind parents of meetings and for any time, communication with parents is needed.
    11. Parents are sent weekly information letters that include calendars and other communications.
    12. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers when they have a concern.  All parents have access to a student’s grades and attendance through Power School.  They are invited to come to the school for assistance in using this program if they do not have access to the Internet or do not know how to access the program.
    13. Information on goals, achievement, AzMerit scores and other important data is posted in the cafeteria commons area.  They are also reviewed with parents during quarterly parent meetings. 
    14. R.M. Bracker makes use of the Nogales International, a local newspaper, to highlight school events.
    15. Our website provides updates for the parents and community.
    16. It is a parent’s right to participate in Title I planning/discussions at the school level.  Quarterly parent meetings are one appropriate venue for such participation.
    17. If parents have any questions or comments about any of the activities or suggestions for additional ways to involve parents in Title 1, it is recommended they contact the principal.