Superintendent Award presented to DSMS
Superintendent Outstanding Award presented to DSMS Poms, NHS athletic trainer
Posted on 04/10/2019

Eric Sowle

Nogales Unified School District Superintendent Fernando Parra presented the Superintendent Outstanding Awards April 8, 2019 to the Desert Shadows Middle School poms squad and to Nogales High School Athletic Trainer Eric Sowle.

            The 15 girls on the DSMS poms squad won the Arizona state championship for poms, Supt. Parra said. They competed against six other middle schools for top honors.

            DSMS Principal Dr. Joan Molera at the governing board meeting where the honors were given out while the squad did “excellent,” what she really wanted to stress is that they were outstanding student-athletes with an emphasis on “student”. The average grade point average of the team is a 3.6 and four of the girls received a perfect 4.0 GPA.

            First-year coach Patricia Moore thanked the administration and the DSMS staff for all their assistance, saying she realized early on how much the championship meant to the squad and that they were willing to work hard to achieve that goal.

            Supt. Parra next presented a recognition to Sowle, citing his dedication, personal initiative, and the pride he takes in his job, which entails long hours as he works with all athletic programs year round including attending the out-of-town football games and other varsity sports as well as playoff and state competitions.       

“He has a love for what he does,” Supt. Parra said, adding Sowle teaches classes in athletic training and that the District is seeking to make his program eligible for Joint Technical Education District (JTED) certifications as part of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings.

            When asked to address the audience, Sowle said, “Thank you for having me as part of this district. I can’t say enough about the district.”