Congratulations F.V. de Coronado and Robert M. Bracker
Congratulations F.V. de Coronado and Robert M. Bracker
Posted on 08/29/2017
Excellent News
Good afternoon, 

We have received excellent news for NUSD! ADE School Finance has finished the calculation of the FY 18 Results-Based Funding, pursuant to A.R.S. 15-249.08. School Finance will distribute the monies to eligible schools, based on the statutory formula. 

We are very proud to announce that NUSD has two eligible schools who have been awarded Results-Based Funding:

Congratulations to Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who will be receiving $204,118.00, and congratulations to Robert M. Bracker receiving $94,921.60 ! 

Pursuant to A.R.S. 15-249.08, Results-Based Funding consists of legislative appropriations in the amount of $37,600,000. Schools do not apply for funding-rather, it is awarded by the State to eligible schools based upon their free/reduced lunch counts and their performance on the AzMERIT.

Below is the qualifying criteria which pertains to our District at this time : 

Each school shall receive $400 per student if :
  " 60% or more of the students who are enrolled meet the eligibility requirements for 
Free or Reduced priced lunches; and the school performed in the top 10 % of schools statewide as demonstrated by the average percentage of the students who obtained a passing
    score on the mathematics and language arts portions of the Spring 2016 statewide 
    assessment results "
‎There are guidelines for Results-Based Funding expenditures. The monies must be allocated directly to enhance or replicate the school site that generated the Results-Based Funding, and must not supplant monies budgeted or received from any other source that are generally provided to that school. More specifically, the monies MUST be used is as follows:

"The majority of the money must be used for teacher salaries, to hire teachers and professional development. The monies must be used to sustain and replicate results :
a) Serve more students on a waiting list at a school with a letter grade designation of A or B
b) Increase salaries for teachers, school leaders or other classroom staff 
c) ‎ Close the achievement gap in high-poverty schools"

Furthermore, schools receiving Results-Based Funding must show steady improvement after three years to remain eligible for funding. ‎We will be obtaining more detailed clarification from ADE regarding the Results-Based Funding guidelines as well as important details regarding Results-Based Funding distribution, eligibility, accounting and reporting requirements for expenditures.

Congratulations once again to Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and Robert M. Bracker Elementary Schools!! 

Fernando Parra, Superintendent