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Statement of Benefits

2019-2020 SOB Classic Gold

2019-2020 SOB - HDHP $1350                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Health Savings Account (HSA)                  

2019-2020 SOB Copay Gold

Dental Benefits

Delta Dental Benefits 2019-2020                     Delta Dental Claim Form

Delta Dental Enrollment Form

Vision Benefits 

Vision Benefits 2019-2020                      

Summary of Benefits and Coverage 

SBC - 2019-2020 CoPay Gold

SBC - 2019-2020 CoPay Gold (Spanish)

SBC - 2019-2020 Classic Gold

SBC - 2019-2020 Classic Gold (Spanish)

SBC - 2019-2020 HDHP $1350

SBC - 2019-2020 HDHP $1350 (Spanish)

General Information 

ASBA Insurance Trust 2019-2020  

ASBAIT Plan Document 2019-2020

ASBA 2019-2020 Enrollment Form 

SY 2019-2020 Insurance Rates 

ASBAIT Open Enrollment Meeting PowerPoint Presentation 19-20

My Meritain Claims Web Access

Aetna Doc Find Flyer 

Nurse Health Coaching/Disease Management Flyer

Lab Work and Costs Flyer

ASBAIT Preventive Care List

Prescription Benefits

Mail Order Rx Form                                     NEW Rx Provider, April 1, 2020 CVS Caremark

Rx Reimbursement Form                           Generic Rx

Rx Mobile App                                               Home Delivery Rx