TUTV Channel 10

Through the development and operation of the Nogales Unified School District No. 1 television station, this department provides a valuable link between NUSD and our school community. All of the programming and information made available on TUTV channel 10 is coordinated through the media services director who also produces media programs depicting school events and activities for airing on TUTV.

Through the application of a variety of multimedia technologies, this department produces informational programming and quality media programs for community viewing. Working directly with teachers, this department also provides training materials and classroom resources to help ensure maximum application of media technology in the classroom.

This department, through its expertise, creates a learning environment in NUSD that fosters innovation, provides a source of home-school communication, promotes professional development, and supports student growth in the area of technology.

Contact Information

Juan Armenta, TUTV Channel 10 Coordinator
310 West Plum Street
Nogales, AZ 85621
Telephone: (520) 397-7901
Fax: (520) 287-2760