Nogales Unified School Improvement

The School Improvement Department is a team dedicated to providing support to schools as they work to increase the level of academic achievement of all students in our district.

The department works closely with all school sites to:

  • secure additional funding through a variety of state and federal grants
  • assist sites in the development and implementation of school improvement goals and plans
  • provide professional development and teacher assistance in areas of need
  • provide ongoing benchmark assessments to sites
  • provide support for the acquisition of English for our English Language Learners through the implementation of state ELL models
  • administer the state AIMS assessment as well as all other mandated assessments


We believe that through adherence to the principles of high expectations for all, accountability, and no excuses, our department will support each site and its students to achieve academic excellence.

Learn more by reviewing our Supplemental Education Services (SES) report.

Contact Information

Angelina Canto, School Improvement Director
310 West Plum Street
Nogales, AZ 85621
Phone: (520) 397-7941
Fax: (520) 287-3300