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NUSD #1 is located about an hour south of Tucson in the beautiful mountains of Southern Arizona. The City of Nogales is a fantastic place to live and work. It is a progressive city that has successfully maintained its small town charm, rich traditions, and vibrant culture. The city is the county seat for Santa Cruz County and shares the international border with Nogales-Sonora, its sister city in Mexico.

Our school district serves approximately 6,200 students in 10 schools which include a preschool program, six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Located in the southern part of Santa Cruz County, our students and families bring to our school community a rich cultural background that reflects life on both sides of the border.

Most importantly, Nogales is the type of city where “a kid can be a kid.” Far removed from the hustle and bustle of big city life, Nogales is a place where parents can feel safe with nurturing schools and caring neighbors. Come join us here at Nogales Unified School District #1. We can’t wait to meet you!

Message from the Superintendent 

February 15, 2018

Dear NUSD, 

As you know, another school shooting just took place yesterday terrorizing another American
school. The Florida school shooting we witnessed yesterday rank among America's deadliest.
Just within the start of the new year and the past two months, we have had at least 18 school
shootings. It is difficult to comprehend how gun violence is affecting our schools and how this
violence is turning out to be just another day where our society is becoming immune to these
massacres or worst, such killings becoming "normal" or accepted within our society. 

As an educator, school leader and a parent, this is extremely scary, frustrating and devastating
as we are in a crisis that can affect our schools in any given day. THIS REGULARLY HAPPENS
AND HOW ARE WE TO PREVENT THIS? I ask you to please be there for our students as best
as possible, to discuss and have a healthy conversation with our students as needed and to
reassure them as best as possible as our children are and will continue to be scared. Please
comfort them and make them feel safe as best as you can. As teachers and school administrators,
we continue to ask of you to be many other things and to play many different important roles for
our students besides teaching and learning. This human instinct and caring is what sets our
profession apart and what helps us be there for our students regardless of the situation and human
condition. Our schools and the realities of violence are becoming horror scenes of mass terror and
extreme violence. Yesterday's shootings took the lives of many innocent students and a teacher, a
coach, and an administrator caring heroes who got in front of the bullets protecting students and
saving their lives. Our prayers and our thoughts are with these school officials and the students
and victims of this recent school massacre and the many tragedies our schools have suffered
through gun violence. 

On a personal perspective and personal point of view, blame can be placed or pointed to many
factors, such as EXTREME gun lobbyists, NRA leadership political influence, politicians, LAW
MAKERS, policies or lack of policies, our society, selfishness and ignorance by many of the Second
Amendment - assault weapons, and sadly enough a culture of acceptance. Is it too much to a
common- sense approach to the gun laws and background checks? In this new technology world
of social media and anyone having the privilege to own guns even assault weapons, background
checks should not only be in place, but need to go further and check social media of all individuals
who own or who purchase assault weapons. This is not all about mental illness. How many times
can we excuse the mass shootings we are experiencing and now living with on a daily basis. This
problem of gun violence is affecting America, affecting our children and becoming worse with no
solution to the madness. When do we act as a conscientious society? Where is the courage to
confront this epidemic in our society? Gun violence has taken over not only in our schools, but also
 across America. This gun violence might be down according to several indicators, but " 15 OF THE

As safety trainings, school safety plans, emergency safety drills are a priority but more significantly,
it is difficult to be prepared for such violence that can happen at our schools in any given day. We
appreciate all of you taking the safety drills, lock downs seriously and communicating this process
and importance to every student in our schools. 

This past year we have had several school threats made by individual students. These threats have
been made through personal devices and social media. Luckily, we have had pro-active parents and
teachers who have reported these social media threats to school officials and district. We have
greatly appreciated these parents and teachers coming forward reporting, bringing these situations
to our attention. As a school community, we ask you to please continue to discuss this with our
students and encourage them and everyone that " if they see something, say something", this is a
critical way of protecting ourselves, our schools and our community.
We as a district have acted and taken action immediately when such incidents and threats have
been reported. We understand that this is not enough, as we need to continue to practice our safety
plan and safety drills and to make sure that we as the adults and school officials set the tone and
the culture for school safety. We know and are realistic that our schools are vulnerable to these
incidents and conditions, but we must take safety and security measures as an every day obligation
and continue to be aware and alert at all times as best as possible. 

I wish for everyone to have a good rest of the day as we deal with such a sad situation affecting and
hurting our school environment. 

Thank you!

Fernando Parra, Superintendent


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