Nogales High School history teacher honored

Nogales High School history teacher honored
Posted on 11/22/2017
Melissa Dembrowski

Nogales High School social studies teacher Melissa Dembowski knows how to make history come alive for her students by tying her lessons to cultural events in their lives today, such as movies and current events.

            Dembowski was honored at the Nogales Unified School District governing board meeting on Nov. 13, 2017 after Supt. Fernando Parra dropped in to visit the class and was totally engaged in the lesson. He said he asked if this teaching method was “a show” or if this is how it was every day.

            “This is how it always is,” the student replied.

            Dembowski, with five years’ experience at NHS, said she incorporates film clips, media, posters, and hands-on projects to keep students interested in what traditionally is seen as a very dry subject.  One of her homework assignments was to have the students see the movie “Thor” because they were starting a history unit that focused on that time period.

            Supt. Parra said keeping the students motivated was a key to their success, and Dembowski does that on a daily basis while still holding them to high standards.   They are also learning to appreciate what is going on in their world as well as in the past, he added.     

            Dembowski thanked Parra and the governing board for her recognition, saying she felt welcomed from her first days at NHS, a much different experience than one she had at a previous district during her student-teaching days, and that she plans to stay.

            “I am about making history as interesting as possible,” Dembowski said, adding that “teaching is a profession where you never stop learning.”